1. Go to vendors,
  2. Purchase products or services from the vendor (T&C applies, varies from vendor to vendor)
  3. Fill in the special Black-White-Yellow form of
  4. Make sure to have correct details and phone numbers in the form. (Also must be minimum 18 years old to eligible to win the prizes)
  5. Wait for the shortlisting by vendors (They might contact you to inform that you are shortlisted for the final LIVE draw)
  6. Watch LIVE from AkuManang every 7th of second month (March, May, July, September, November & During YES Letop in December)
  7. Immediately call our hotline 8394946 if you name is called during the live! (3 minutes! You got 3 minutes!!!!!)

For winning the GRAND DRAW,

  • will shortlist 50-100 names (depending on the event) to be in the final drawing later in the evening of the shortlisting day
  • ONLY those who attending evening of the drawing will be fully eligible to win the prize. (REMEBER MUST BE 18 YR-OLD AND ABOVE)


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